Combat Casevac Kit, SOF Mobility

US Military 6545-01-537-7904

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USED BUT IN GREAT CONDITION. The SKEDCO Combat CASEVAC Kit, SOF Mobility-SK-1200 and its sub-components are intended for use only by trained professionals properly trained in the safety and application of the products for their intended use.


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USED BUT IN GREAT CONDITION. The SK-1200 is a full-capability CASEVAC kit by design supporting air, ground and over water mobility operations. The kit provides maximum flexibility through modularity and organization; rapid separation of the litter carrier from the utility mounting sleeve allows critical components of the kit to be moved to the casualty while litter/casualty retention straps remain on the CASEVAC platform. A full compliment of Class VIII Medical supplies augments operator IFAKs at the point of wounding or during CASEVAC.

Full-Capability Combat CASEVAC Kit-Not Just a Litter in a Bag
USAARL Tested and Approved Litter Tie-Down/Patient Litter Straps
Optimal Modularity-Break-Away Concept Supports Mounted/Dismounted Operations
Litter Carrier Complete with SOF Warfighter IFAKs Attached
Positive Retention
Exceeds Mil-Spec and Airworthy Standards-Bomb-Proof Construction
Fully Assembled/Combat Packed for Immediate Employment
Cost Effective

The innovation of SKEDCO’s Extreme MedicineTM Product Development Division has brought forward not just another “litter in a bag,” but a “full-capability” kit that places the right “equipment and supplies” in the right place at the right time to rapidly extract a casualty from an aircraft, vehicle, or hostile environment, provide casualty environmental protection, a means to safely secure the casualty to the litter and the litter to the CASEVAC platform. In addition, the operator is provided with the “tools” necessary to safely work around the casualty during CASEVAC operations even under NVG conditions.

More specifically, its unique design integrates two interlocking components that allow the kit to be securely integrated with a wide variety of fixed and rotary wing aircraft (AC), ground combat vehicles, and watercraft (WC) in support of air, ground, and waterborne operations throughout the battle space.

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