Warrior Aid and Litter Kit - WALK

NA Rescue walk-kit

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SOLD OUT but see our Combat Casevac Kit which is very similar.

The bag alone is $350 new Official US Army vehicle life-saving kit For treatment of multiple trauma patients and immediate evacuation of one patient Includes Talon®II 90C quad-fold litter Hypothermia Prevention & Management Kit™ helps stabilize patients during transport Interfaces with any standard or non-standard TACEVAC asset

Warrior Aid and Litter Kit - WALK

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The Warrior Aid and Litter Kit™ (WALK®), is an innovative and reliable response to requests from Warfighters and Tactical Healthcare Professionals to re-think the purpose of vehicle life-saving kits and re-engineer them to decrease preventable death.

The WALK allows first-aid treatment and immediate evacuation of one patient in a non-traditional vehicle, plus it allows multiple other trauma patients to be treated until additional transport arrives.

The NA engineers took the state-of-the-art Talon® 90C (a quad-fold rigid litter with retractable handle system) and designed a package that holds not only the litter, but also a streamlined pocket-system containing self- and buddy-aid medical supplies. The WALK® gives true definition to the term “aid and litter” kit. The WALK® also contains our Hypothermia Prevention & Management Kit (HPMK™) to help stabilize patients during transport.

Light and compact, the WALK® reduces cubic weight and, thereby, evacuation time. If you want just the bag see our other products.

The WALK® interfaces with any standard or non-standard casualty evacuation asset and is ideal as part of the pre-positioning of medical supplies or cache for disaster response. The WALK® has adjustable shoulder straps for occasions when the kit is used to provide treatment and evacuation on target. Bags may also be purchased separately.

The WALK® is the new vehicle life-saving kit for the Department of Defense.

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