Magnetic Audio Device LT-PMS-1B Loudspeaker & Searchlight

US Military LT-PMS-1B

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Brand New in Stormcase
Includes StormCase, search light, transmitter, etc.

Magnetic Audio Device LT-PMS-1B Loudspeaker & Searchlight

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Brand New in StormCase (Pelican) water tight case. You will never find another at this price in brand new condition. Includes the following, everything is brand new in packaging (as pictured):

  • LT-PMS-1B Loudspeaker System
  • StormCase M2975
  • GoLight Portable SearchLight
  • Sennheiser Transmitter SK 100-GA-2
  • Sennheiser Receiver EK 100-GA-2
  • Shure WH20QRT Microphone
  • Speedy Tenergy Batter Charger

The LT-PMS-1B is a powerful, portable speaker system capable of broadcasting verbal commands or messages at distances up to 1/4 mile* (~ 400 meters). Used by the US Military USGI combat and law enforcement situations.

Weighing less than 40 lbs. (with rechargeable battery) the speaker can be quickly setup on a tripod stand or a magnetic vehicle mount.

Custom mounts are also available, but not included, for fast attachment to any street vehicle, All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), aircraft, or marine vessel.

Why Choose the MAD - Magnetic Audio Device
The LT-PMS (Long Throw-Planar Magnetic Speaker) series is a collection of speakers designed specifically for long throw, speech transmission.  Tailored with a frequency response that is perfectly match for the voice range, the  LT-PMS planar systems can transmit a live or prerecorded spoken message with perfect articulation.  Even at maximum volume, the sound remains absolutely clear and distortion is virtually undetectable.

The secret to the LT-PMS exceptional performance is the MAD-1 planar driver. This highly efficient, full range speaker when used in a single driver configuration, has a frequency response from 180 Hz to 18 KHz.  In addition, the diaphragm’s extremely low mass produces a lightning fast response which explains why the LT-PMS systems have such exceptional clarity and intelligibility.  With just one driver, the commanding power, throw distance, and vocal clarity from a single speaker is startling.  When multiple drivers are used together in a single enclosure, the acoustical results are absolutely staggering!

The seven speakers in this series are all built around the same MAD-1 driver. The speaker’s model number indicates how many drivers are used in each unit. As more drivers are combined together, two significant performance characteristics change.  The speaker produced greater volume and the dispersion pattern tapers down into a smaller, tighter area.  With a tighter pattern and      more available power, these speakers can produce a longer throw while maintaining their clarity and volume.  Since the volume from planar speakers falls off at a much lower rate than conventional speakers, typically 1.5 dB for each doubling of distance, the potential working distance from the LT-PMS devices is unmatched by any other product.
Actual distance and SPL performance may vary from the distances listed as a result of adverse weather conditions, variable atmospheric conditions, variations in the physical terrain, and other unpredictable human factors.

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