USGI M40 Gas Mask with Filters


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M40 Field Protective Gas Mask & Filter
Includes 10 Filters

USGI M40 Gas Mask with Filters

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The U.S. ARMY M40A1 Field Protective Gas Mask has been in use by the military of the United States since 1992 to protect from field concentrations of chemical and biological agents, along with radiological fallout particles. The M40 series was reworked with a better nose cup and a new Butyl protective hood. The new hood required a rubber "second skin" that covered the entire mask's face piece This new design offered a higher level of protection against penetrating NBC agents and also made it easier to don the protective hood. The M40A1 Field Protective mask features two voice-mitters, one on either the right or left side, and one in front. A voice-com adapter may be placed over the front voice-mitter to amplify the user's voice. The respirator can be adjusted in the field to accept the filtering canister on either side, so that a weapon may be shouldered. Features * 1 NBC M40 MASK W/ EXTRAS * 1 WATER PROOF BAG * 1 DECOM KIT * 1 HOOD * 10 FILTERS

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