Meal Ready-to-Eat - MRE Case of 12

US Military mre-2014

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Brand new in sealed case Late 2014-2015 Inspection Dates

Meal Ready-to-Eat - MRE Case of 12

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This is a complete case of 12 Genuine Military MRE's; Ready-to-prepare and eat right out of the pouch, you can have a nutritious, high calorie, great tasting meal in seconds during a disaster, camping, hiking, etc. Individual food storage is important, but what if you don’t have the means to cook or have to leave your home? There is no better food storage, camping delight or emergency meal than the Real Military MRE’s:

• Includes a full three-course gourmet meal, candy and accessories pack
• Shelf Stable (needs no refrigeration) with a history of a long shelf-life
• Used by our Military for many years, proven in combat many times over
• Requires no cooking or water.
• Includes flameless heater, but can be eaten hot or cold.
• Lightweight, Easy to store or carry, perfect for your go-bag too

The best long-term and survival food on the market is also the hardest to get a hold of, the Military Meal Ready to Eat (MRE). The MRE became popular around Y2K, but ever since Hurricane Katrina there have been a lot of companies trying to cash in on the popularity by producing similar looking products under the same name.

A few of the fake MRE brands include; MRE Star, Ameriqual, Sopako, Eversafe, even companies such as Emergency Essentials have marketed “homemade” products by buying a few entrees and miscellaneous parts and branding them MRE. Buyer beware, these do not come close to meeting the military standards of quality, calories, durability, quantity of food or shelf life. In fact, all of the above mentioned companies have only been around since 2005. The products they market as “MRE” or “Field Rations” are fake, sell for $80+ a case, and only come with a 3-5 year shelf life.

Below is a general menu structure of how each case of MRE''s come packaged. A case of MRE's contains one of each of the following main meals. We do not quarantee it will be exactly the same as MRE's change every year. We only carry the newest MRE's with the latest inspection dates (Aug to Dec of 2014). Below is a rough view of the menu's to choose when selecting a case.

Menu A (1-12)
01 - Chili w/Bean 02 - Boneless Pork Rib 03 - Beef Ravioli 04 - Maple Sausage 05 - Chicken Breast 06 - Chicken w/Noodles 07 - Beef Brisket 08 - Meatballs 09 - Beef Stew 10 - Chili & Macaroni 11 - Vegetable Lasagna 12 - Veggie Burger BBQ Sauce

Menu B (13-24)
13 - Cheese Tortellini 14 - Penne w/Vegeterian sausage 15 - Southwest Beef & Black Beans 16 - Chicken Fajita 17 - Sloppy Joe 18 - Grilled Beef Patty 19 - Pot Roast w/Vegetables 20 - Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce 21 - Tuna 22 - Chicken w/Dumplings 23 - Chicken Pesto & Pasta 24 - Buffalo Chicken

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