Combat Lifesaver Medical Complete - MES 245B CLS

US Military 6545-01-572-9963

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Brand New in Box Genuine Issues made by Recon Mountaineer
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NSN: 6545-01-572-9963

Combat Lifesaver Medical Complete - MES 245B CLS

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This set contains the medical supplies to provide immediate life saving care to casualties. The MES contains the consumable material to provide initial treatment for one severely wounded casualty. The preventable causes of death in ground combat are; hemorrhage primarily from extremity wounds, penetrating torso injuries, the development of a tension pneumothorax; and airway compromise primarily from facial injuries. CLICK HERE FOR ADDITIONAL DETAIL INCLUDING PICTURES AND EQUIPMENT LIST The set contains the medical materiel required for initial treatment of a wide range of battle injuries such as hemorrhage control, airway management, treatment of penetrating chest injuries and decompression of a tension pneumothorax, prevention of shock, and treatment of extremity injuries. Material Description: EA3 BANDAGE 37X37X52IN EA2 MARKER,TUBE TYPE EA6 PAD ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL RL1 ADHESIVE TAPE SURG 3" EA5 ATROPINE INJ 0.7ML EA1 BANDAGE ELAS 6"X4.5YD EA1 SCISSORS BANDAGE EA5 DIAZEPAM INJ 2ML UNIT EA1 SHIELD EYE SURG FOX12 EA2 BANDAGE KIT ELASTIC EA1 SPLINT UNIVERSAL RO2 BANDAGE GAUZE 4.1 YDS EA2 TOURNIQUET COMBAT A EA1 BLANKET SURVIVAL EA4 GLOVE PATIENT EXAMINI EA1 BLANKET HEATING 8S EA1 NASAL TRUMPET KT1 BANDAGE KIT ELASTIC EA1 BAG,TC3,COMBAT CASU EA2 LEASH SHEARS TRAUMA EA2 NEEDLE DECOMPRESSIO EA2 BANDAGE GAUZE IMPREG EA1 STRAP CUTTER,COMBAT EA2 DRESSING CHEST SEAL

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