Combat Arms Earplugs


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Combat Arms Earplugs

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The new Combat Arms Earplug is made of the same washable plastic as the current earplug and has the same “triple flange” construction to keep it in place. But instead of removing the plug to operate a dial that regulates the amount of sound entering the ear canal, the new earplug uses a rocker switch that is operated without removing the earplug. Soldiers can adjust the rocker with a quick “click” depending on the amount of protection they need. When it’s in the open or “weapons fire” position, sound can travel through the sound channel filter into the ear. For noisy environments that don’t require an acute listening capability, such as around helicopters, troop carriers or generators, the rocker can be switched to the closed or “constant protection” position. Hearing protection has been standard issue for combat forces since 2002, but even so, one in four soldiers returning home report hearing loss, dizziness or ringing in the ears, according to Army audiologists. The conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are the first in which soldiers have gone to war with hearing protection.

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